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One thing we can all agree on: paper slows us down. When we are so used to emails, texts and instant messages, waiting for a document in the mail can feel like a lifetime. Unfortunately, your customers most likely agree.

Instead of waiting on paper, Digital Document Delivery instantly sends you the latest policy, claims and other documents – including those massive DEC pages – the minute they’re available. You don’t even have to leave your management system to get them.

Why Digital Document Delivery Matters to Your Business

  • Keep all of your processes digital

    Switching between manual and digital processes is time-consuming and confusing. Receive digital documents directly in your management system and eliminate disruptions to your daily workflow and E&O.

  • Have more peace of mind

    Paper documents come with too much risk. There’s risk of losing them or falling into the wrong hands. Securely receive documents to make sure your business and your customers’ information are protected.

  • Work with the most current documents and details

    Paper documents create a greater risk of being out-of-date. You don’t always know when you received them or when you printed them out. Get digital documents delivered directly to your system to know you're always working.

  • Delight your customers with faster service

    When your customer asks a question, they want the answer now. Make sure you are always prepared with instant access to the latest documents. Have a client portal or mobile app? Easily extend that access to information to your customers.


What the Numbers Say

  • 40%

    of document-related expenses can be reduced by using document management software

    Source: Laserfiche

  • 404%

    return on investment over five years has been averaged across companies investing in document management

    Source: Laserfiche

  • 50%

    of the average workers’ time is spent creating and preparing documents

    Source: Nitro


Meehan Insurance

Working with physical documents was weighing down the agency. Learn how Meehan Insurance cut the paper cord and went completely paperless.

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