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Relying on traditional communications methods from your Claims department is not very helpful for an agency trying to support a client through the time-sensitive nature of the claims process. Agents want claim details in real time, with everything they need right in their agency management systems, to deliver the best customer service to clients in their time of need.

Digital claims communication allows your company to automatically send detailed claims information to keep agents up to date with the claim adjustment and settlement processes. It provides a managed alternative to phone calls, email, mail and faxes and is a valuable tool for agents and carriers to automate the entire claims process.

Why Claims Communication Matters to Your Business

  • Latest policy information delivered fast

    Digital claims communication is a valuable tool for retail agents and carriers to automate the entire claims process from initial reporting until the claim is closed. Agents get notified of new claims reported directly to your business, providing a secure and managed alternative to phone calls, email, mail and faxes.

  • Increased operational efficiency

    As claims information gets updated in your policy management system, it’s also updated in retail agent systems automatically. It all happens at the click of a button – no making phone calls, writing email, mailing or faxing documents. Your claims and service staff, as well as retail agency staff, now have time to focus on servicing the customer rather than trying to keep claims information updated for a high volume of claims.

  • Ease of doing business

    Digital claims communication synchronizes key claim data like claim number, claim status, payment activity and new claims into the agency management system. This allows agents to have all of the pertinent claim details they need to deliver a better experience and forge stronger relationships with policyholders.

What the Numbers Say

  • 65%

    of carriers say ease of doing business and stronger partnerships are the main benefits of automating information exchange with agency partners via Claims download

    Source: Ivans Connectivity Survey 2021

  • 74%

    of agencies use Claims download

    Source: Ivans Connectivity Survey 2021

  • 92%

    is the level of satisfaction score for auto customers whose claims were processed via a low-touch experience

    Source: J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study


Merchants Insurance Group

Merchants Insurance Group streamlined communication workflows with Ivans. Learn how they used Ivans Download to provide secure delivery of policy and claims-related information directly into their agents’ management systems.

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