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Jumping out of your management system to email carriers for billing and policy information can be tedious. Throw in the time it takes for them to send it and then for you to rekey the information back into your management system – it takes forever. Even worse, it’s way longer than your customers expect, too. Your business is so much better than that.

Ivans eServicing™ allows you to ping your carrier partners’ systems with just a click of a button to get all of the account status, billing, claims, policy and loss run information you need. Even better, you stay in your management system the entire time, making you more efficient and your customers happier.

Key Benefits

  • Focus your time on more value-added work

    No more wasting time requesting, waiting, receiving and rekeying information. Instantly receive policy and other business information you need directly within your management system.

  • Keep your customers happy

    Your customers want the easiest and fastest service. Use connected and automated information exchange to answer customer questions quickly and redirect your time toward other things.

  • Stay more connected with carriers

    All you need is a little help from…technology. Easily exchange information from your management system to carriers' systems so both you and your carrier partners get what’s needed quickly.


  • Insured Visibility

    Knowledge creates confidence. Build trust with your insureds by providing them access to policy, billing and claims information from the carrier via their self-service portal.

  • Single Sign-On

    No more reaching out to carriers when you forget a password. Authenticate your agency just once with your carrier’s portal and get to working.

  • One-Click Agency Inquiry

    Get immediate access to policy, billing and claims information in carrier policy admin systems, as well as complete First Notice of Loss, Endorsements, and Loss Runs. You can even make payments directly within your management system.

  • Insured Bill Pay Connectivity

    Policyholders demand easy processes. Remove friction from the payment process by connecting your customers directly to the carriers to pay bills via their self-service portal.

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