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Independent agencies are key components of distribution so it’s important to make it easy for them to do business with you. And let’s face it, making calls, asking co-workers and flipping from portal to portal to understand appetite and find products to match your risks isn’t exactly easy. It can also lead to you missing out on business you want to write.

At the same time, you need a way to keep your appetite communication current without having to update a million places. Meet Ask Kodiak™, a search engine for commercial insurance products and the single place for you to manage Commercial Lines appetite and eligibility information. By updating appetite details and communicating them to the broadest network of agencies in real time, you can win more new and renewal business. 

Key Benefits

  • Win more business

    There are 34,000 agencies in the Ivans network. That’s a lot of opportunities to win business. Meet agencies where they are in their daily workflows when searching for commercial products.

  • Get to market quicker

    No more updating appetite in multiple places or sending one-off emails to agencies asking for appetite details. Update appetite details in real time without help from us.

  • Save to increase your bottom line

    Watch your bottom line go up as you kiss printed appetite guides and visiting agent offices goodbye. Automating your appetite communication in real time helps you keep your agents in the know without the added expense.

  • Stay smart with data insights

    How can you improve without tracking performance? Use marketing performance data and agency search trends to make better appetite and product decisions.


What's New

Ask Kodiak Supports NAICS 2022

Ask Kodiak now provides full support for NAICS 2022. This update allows you to express appetite, define conditional behaviors, or map custom classifications to NAICS codes from any supported edition (2012, 2017 and 2022).

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  • Search Result Ranking

    Presents current appetite information to agents in real time, including items that are out of appetite.

  • Data-Driven Market Insights

    Gives a view into the success of your marketing efforts by measuring appetite views, top ranking profiles and top agents searching.

  • Management System Integration

    Connects directly into agent’s daily workflows through integrations with leading agency management systems, like Applied Epic, EZLynx and Vertafore.

  • Custom Marketing

    Allows you to customize branding and include specific premium and coverage details to further inform agents.

  • Storefront Embed

    Gives you the ability to add appetite search to your website so agents can search directly from your portal.

  • Appetite API

    Integrates appetite search into your agent portal, internal tools, mobile apps and more.

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