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Responding to retail agent policy, billing, claims and payment inquiries can be a full-time job – if not multiple – depending on the size of your business.

Ivans eServicing™ automates these workflows, ditching the need to respond to one-off requests. Even better, your retail agents get your answers directly in their management systems so you can make their jobs easier, too. And because we aim to automate processes between all stakeholders, Ivans eServicing connects you to retail agents’ customer self-service portals. Less time working on administrative tasks? Count us in.

Key Benefits

  • Keep your retail agents happy

    It’s proven: Agents are more likely to work with MGAs that make their work easier. Give quick access to policy, billing, claims and payments information so retail agents never have to leave their systems.

  • Make paying easier for insureds

    Nobody particularly enjoys paying for insurance, so let’s make it easy at least. Allow insureds to pay their premiums directly from their retail agent’s self-service portal.

  • Save time and do less work

    Relieve your team of managing password resets by letting agents connect without having to update local security settings in their management system.


  • Single Sign-On

    Improve security and reduce effort by letting your retail agents authenticate themselves just once with your portal. No more storing passwords, managing them externally or responding to help desk requests.

  • One-Click Agency Inquiry

    Via single sign-on, retail agents can get immediate access to policy, billing and claims information in your policy admin system, as well as complete First Notice of Loss, Endorsements, and Loss Runs. They can also make payments directly within their management systems.

  • Insured Bill Pay Connectivity

    Policyholders demand easy processes. Create a more seamless payment process by letting them pay your bill via their retail agent’s self-service portal.

  • Insured Visibility

    Knowledge creates confidence. Build trust with your insureds by providing them access to policy, billing and claims information from their retail agent’s self-service portal.

Ready to Learn More?

Ivans is ready to provide your business the advanced insurance software and solutions to digitally distribute and service products in new ways.