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Oklahoma City, OK


3 Year

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Employees: 685
Offices: 36


Simplified workflows and a better customer experience

With easier ways to get work done using digital tools, agencies like INSURICA open the door to more revenue without letting complexity get in the way. Kylie Hubbard, INSURICA’s director of data and lead resources, shared how she has been able to trade manual tasks for technology that helps her provide a better customer experience.

"We really think it's important to be a digital agency these days because of the way that the consumer wants to be approached now and how they want to shop their policies and look at their coverage," Kylie said.

"It's important to meet the customer where they are. There are now a lot of customers who really only want to work in a digital sense."
Kylie Hubbard
Director of Data and Lead Resources

Solving appetite challenges

Keeping up with appetite and finding the right markets can be complex. As a brokerage agency that does high volume transactions, INSURICA found it challenging to keep up with all of the changes.

"Some of the bigger challenges that we faced prior to using Ask Kodak was just keeping up with the carrier appetites," Kylie said.

Ask Kodiak allows agencies like INSURICA to easily search real-time carrier and MGA appetite options to find the right coverage and win their business quickly. It also allows carriers to present the latest appetite information to agents in real time, including items that are out of appetite.

"We utilize Ask Kodiak to make sure that we're getting the insured to the right carrier the first time," Kylie said.

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