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Download New Lines of Business from Your Carrier Partners

  • Step 1: Decide which lines of business are available for your agency to download.

    Visit Ivans’ Reference Guide for Insurer Download and Real-Time to see a complete list of the lines of business each carrier supports.

    To access a customized list of the downloads available from your carrier partners, visit Ivans Exchange for your Ivans Connections Report. You will need your Ivans User ID and Password to login. If you know your Ivans credentials, simply enter your User ID and Password into the appropriate entry fields and click the “Log On” button. If you do not know your user credentials, please contact Ivans.

  • Step 2: Contact your agency management system vendor to be configured for these downloads.

    Be prepared to provide information about which carriers and lines of business you wish to download.

  • Step 3: Contact each carrier to request your new downloads.

    Each carrier will need to set up their system to start downloading these new lines of business to your agency management system. Click here for the carrier contact list. Be prepared to provide the following information during your call:

    • Agency Name

    • Address

    • Phone

    • Producer Code/Agent Code

Most agents will receive their first download from the carrier within three business days from the date of the request, which may vary depending on the carrier.

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