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Are you looking for a better, more efficient way to find new distribution partners and fuel growth opportunities? Ivans Insights™  is a solution unlike anything else available in the insurance industry that gives you the agency insights you need. This tool provides a simple, powerful, and efficient way for carriers to search on multiple data points that provide valuable business and performance insights.

Key Benefits

  • Find profitable agency partners

    Gain access to agency information that matters to you when making partner decisions. Search and find agencies with the type of business that fits with your goals.

  • Gain a better understanding of agency strengths and weaknesses

    Learn about your agency’s download business and what their strengths are. Search among your current partner agencies to target opportunities for success and potential issues based on details you won’t easily find anywhere else.

  • See agency business across the industry

    Fuel growth with new and existing partners. Search for new agencies based on what’s important to your market segment, book of business attributes, policy details, location and key performance indicators.


  • Agency search tool

    Enables marketing teams to find agencies that align with their goals and search by market segment, book of business attributes, policy details, location and key performance indicators.

  • Specific agency analytics

    Helps you evaluate agencies with confidence and understand what types of business they are writing.

  • Industry-wide visibility

    Allows you to see what your agency partners are doing across the industry.

  • Agency pre-qualification

    Gives you a head start to fast track the process and qualify agencies based on the type of business they download through Ivans.

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