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Agency-Carrier Connectivity

3 Minute Read

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Enhanced Insights

Date Published:

By: Kathy Hrach

Agency-Carrier Connectivity

3 Minute Read

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Enhanced Insights

Date Published:

By: Kathy Hrach


Are you looking for a way to stay ahead of the curve with your agency appointments and streamline the search process to grow with the right agents for your business? Ivans Marketing Insights™, the groundbreaking analytics solution that empowers carriers like you with actionable business insights, keeps improving. Ivans Marketing Insights launched at the beginning of the year, and several updates have made this solution even better. Let’s look at some of the latest enhancements that make your agency search seamless.

The updates we've implemented to Ivans Insights give carriers even more information on their agency distribution channel to make more data-driven decisions on where to invest their marketing efforts while informing future product development considerations.

Reid Holzworth

NAICS Data Enrichment and Updates

With the enhanced search engine, Ivans Marketing Insights returns even more search results and agency details, providing the most extensive industry view of targeted agencies. The report updates provide an accurate picture of agency business, giving you an edge in our rapidly evolving industry. Determining specific agency details is vital to unlocking growth opportunities; now, you can do it confidently and precisely.

We've made several other improvements to the Ivans Insights user experience, making it more user-friendly and intuitive.

What’s in It for You?

This powerful new tool and the latest enhancements mean you can pinpoint opportunities for profitable growth and find the right agency partners – supported by accurate data unlike anything out there. Whether you’re a sales manager, account manager or in field operations, Ivans Marketing Insights will make your life much easier and give you the information you need to navigate to the best agency partner matches.

Three pain points identified by carriers about the previous methods to find agencies include:

  • The current process was time-consuming and inefficient
  • Carriers and MGAs could not access policy and agency data metrics
  • More visibility was needed into what current agency partners were writing elsewhere

Let’s look at use cases and how you can use this tool to overcome these pain points.

  • Sales manager persona.

    Sales Managers

    Do you ever need help gathering the agency details you need on time? Now, you can identify the right new agency partners that:

    • Align with your product goals and risk appetite
    • Maintain great renewal and loss ratio metrics
  • Account manager persona.

    Account Managers

    Are you looking for an easy way to see what agencies are doing with other carriers?

    With the data you need at your fingertips, you can analyze existing agency partners that:

    • Understand the types of business agents are placing
    • Identify opportunities for growth
    • Market the right products to the right agencies
  • Data analyst persona.

    Field Operations

    Does it seem impossible to find agency metrics and policy data?

    Use data available with Ivans Marketing Insights to maximize distribution:

    • Find accurate, insightful data
    • Streamline marketing processes
    • Recognize distribution priorities
    • Increase profits

I’m sure a lot of you have used tools like Open Table or Yelp to find restaurants and Zillow or Redfin to search for a house. Carrier marketing teams needed something to search and find agencies.

Thorsten Camp
Senior Director of Product

Solution Unveiled at DIGIN

This tool was selected to be featured at the Innovation Face-Off at DIGIN in San Francisco. Thorsten Camp, senior director of product at Ivans, and Kyle Heller, director of data products at Ivans, did a great job leading the product demo, and the product received praise at the event. You can also view the entire Innovation Face-Off presentation on the DIGIN website.

More Insights, Better Partnerships

With more than one million daily transactions across Ivans and access to 38,000 + agencies, Ivans has the data, and now the tool, that reduces your need for one-off agency visits, multiple disjoined applications, and manual reporting. Unleash your agency's full potential, streamline your processes, and drive growth like never before. Find out more information about Ivans Marketing Insights, and fill out our quick form if you have any questions or are ready to get started.

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    SVP, Product Management

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