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4 Minute Read

Ask Kodiak’s Free Tool for Agents Is Love at First Sight

Published: March 28, 2024


4 Minute Read

Ask Kodiak’s Free Tool for Agents Is Love at First Sight

Published: March 28, 2024


Starting around Valentine’s Day, we kicked off our I Heart Ivans webinar series to show agents our tools worth falling for – including Ask Kodiak®, a FREE market appetite and eligibility tool that allows you to find the best coverage for commercial risks. To me, love at first sight is something that you see or hear and know that’s what you need, and that is what you will find with Ask Kodiak.

What Is Ask Kodiak?

Ask Kodiak is the single source of truth for eligibility and appetite for all of your carriers in one place, with information managed by the carriers, wholesalers, and MGAs listing the appetite. You can filter by state, classification, risk size, and other criteria to instantly see product highlights, underwriting details, and more across your contracted markets and beyond. Whether you know it or not, you may already be indirectly using Ask Kodiak. It is integrated with tools like Tarmika™, Applied Epic®, Ivans®, EZLynx®, Salesforce®, Trusted Choice®, and 70+ more.

What’s In It for You

One of the biggest benefits of using Ask Kodiak as your appetite tool is that you can say goodbye to the paper guides, phone calls, PDFs and other manual methods you currently use to find appetite. With Ask Kodiak, your agency can also:

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    Win business with the best coverage

    Easily search real-time carrier and MGA appetite options to find the right coverage and win their business quickly.

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    Work smarter and save time

    Appetite search integrated with your current workflows empowers you to stay focused and productive.

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    Create the best carrier relationships

    The carrier insights and information in Ask Kodiak give you the information you need to make the right decisions for your agency.

Fun Facts About Ask Kodiak

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    350,000+ Ask Kodiak searches per month

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    10+ million impressions per month

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    60+ carriers and other markets presenting appetite

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    3,000+ agencies using Ask Kodiak directly

How to Get Started

Visit, fill out the required fields, and click the “Sign My Agency Up” button! If someone at your company has an account, you may see a pop-up message that says someone has set up an account at your company. You can either request to be added to the existing account if you’re on the same team or click “sign up anyways” if you’re on a different team or in a different region.

Keep Discovering Why Agents Love Ivans

There’s more to love when it comes to Ivans’ tools for agents, and you can find all of our webinars covering Ask Kodiak and other Ivans tools on demand as a part of our I Heart Ivans webinar series.

Here to Help Ignite Agency Success

We’re here to help you connect with the best appetite and partners, and the great news is that we have a whole team dedicated to agency customer success. This team is here to help with free tools for agents, adoption support, business reviews, and more. Email the Ivans Agency Customer Success team with any questions on how you can get your relationship with Ivans and fall for the great tools available to agents.

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