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Instant Data Delivery Is Possible with Download

Date Published:

By: Pat Forgione


2 Minute Read

Instant Data Delivery Is Possible with Download

Date Published:

By: Pat Forgione


Carriers and MGAs have been using download to become preferred agency partners for decades – with capabilities to automate the delivery of various types of information to their agencies. Recent advancements have made this technology even more valuable by allowing companies to instantly deliver the most accurate information to agency partners’ management systems.

A Carrier Case Study

One of our carrier partners recently spearheaded a project to leverage Ivans’ technology to simplify workflows and provide instant access to policy download data. With the help of an API to connect their policy administration system to Ivans, they can now deliver data to agents within five seconds on average.

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Internal teams at the company collaborated with Ivans to build, test, and pilot the translation and cloud runtime environment. Working as a team, they went live with the project in less than six months.

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The new policy download process reduces the time needed to create and deliver a policy transaction to agencies – the process has gone from two to three hours to an average of five seconds. By giving their agents access to the most up-to-date information faster, they can now provide quicker customer service and have fewer follow-up activities.

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Tools and Tech

In addition to using download translation services, the company leveraged other technology like Guidewire Policy Center, Ivans Cloud Download API, and Google Cloud Platform. These technologies increased the speed of information delivery to agents, improving their experience and providing greater scalability to the carrier.

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Secrets to Success

The team made sure to review their current metrics on data transmission in order to have benchmarks to measure the success of the project.

Other factors they attribute to the project’s success are:

  • Strong communication with the independent agency community

  • Supporting speed of inquiries from agencies through Ivans’ eServicing solution

  • The change in getting data from the company’s system through Ivans Download and out to their agencies

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Discover Download

Do you want to discover the time that download can save your organization? Contact our team to learn more about the potential of Ivans Download and ask any questions you have.

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