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eDocs & Messages Download

4 Minute Read

eDocs & Messages Roundtable Insights From Ivans Connect ‘23

Published: July 4, 2024

By: Shawn Francis

eDocs & Messages Download

4 Minute Read

eDocs & Messages Roundtable Insights From Ivans Connect ‘23

Published: July 4, 2024

By: Shawn Francis


Did you make it to our roundtable discussions at Ivans Connect in Las Vegas last fall? We know some of you missed these, so we wanted to include some takeaways from our insightful conversations. I had the opportunity to lead a discussion around eDocs & Messages download. Let’s take a look at what we talked about in our discussions, including what agents would like to see offered from carriers with eDocs & Messages.

What Are eDocs & Messages?

eDocs eliminate the need to print and mail documents, fax files or email – all of which require “paper” movement for agents and time/money wasted by all. They allow you to instantly send policy-related information, including surety documents, Benefits documents and dec pages, directly to your agency partners. Messages are logged and sent directly through the management system at the account level to ensure policy statuses are synchronized between carriers and agents.

Digital Document Delivery

Automatically deliver documents or messages from carrier systems to an agency’s management system.

  • eDocs

    Policy-related file attachments (PDFs, Word, Excel, etc.), including:

    • Declaration pages
    • Renewal documents
    • Cancellation notifications
    • Billing notifications
    • Bond documents

  • Messages

    Text-based memos that keep an agent informed of policy status, including:

    • Notice of payment received
    • Underwriting messages
    • Audit notifications


Seeking Unified and Expanded eDocs Adoption

A significant revelation from these discussions was the urgent need by agents for each carrier to provide eDocs downloads, ideally encompassing a broad range of documentation, including renewals and endorsements. Participants echoed a universal wish: to transition everything traditionally mailed into an eDocs or message format. There was a clear consensus on seeking greater consistency among carriers regarding the availability and types of documents sent through.

Optimizing the Timing of eDocs Delivery

Another focal point was timeliness in eDocs delivery. Attendees highlighted the discrepancies in the timing between policy downloads and the availability of corresponding eDocs. The recommended benchmark was that policy and eDocs downloads should be executed within a narrow three-hour window. This synchronization ensures that agencies have immediate, simultaneous access to policy data and related documents, streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency.

Encouraging Flexibility in Claims Processing

The discussion pivoted to customization in the receipt of Claims as eDocs. One company's model, allowing agencies to choose between a Claims as eDocs download and a more traditional Claims download or both, was praised for its flexibility. Such options empower agencies, affording them control over the data influx and aligning it with their operational strategies.

Enhancing Clear Communication

Feedback from participants shed light on operational hiccups with some carriers, such as receiving blank eDocs or encountering issues with policy status updates post-cancellation notices. These insights are invaluable, pinpointing specific areas where communication and functionality can be tightened to prevent data disruption and confusion.

Elevating eDocs & Messages

Ivans is here to support the industry as it uses eDocs & Messages download, and we are seeing more carriers leverage this tool. We encourage agents and carriers to have an open feedback loop in Ivans Exchange with download quality issues.

Get More Insights at Ivans Connect ‘24

We hope you can join us for more discussions that drive more connectivity and enhance the relationships between carriers and agents at Ivans Connect ’24 in Nashville. We look forward to taking action on more ideas and feedback from attendees this year. If you are attending Applied Net, just check the box to include Ivans Connect in your registration at no additional cost. Not attending Applied Net? You can still join us for Ivans Connect!

  • Shawn Francis

    Account Executive, Ivans

    Shawn is a sales professional with a track record of successfully developing new client business and effectively retaining existing client relationships. Prior experience includes direct sales and channel sales of software, consulting, IT education, online tools and various solutions.